Why Is My Instagram Feed Suddenly Dominated by Twinfluencers?

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Beauty, aspiration and a questionable cash source isn't enough to cut it in the influencer world these days. Now, there's got to be two of you. Twinfluencers, as the name describes, are sets of twins who have made it big in the world of Instagram, YouTube, or Vine. Mary-Kate and Ashley walked so Tia and Tamera Mowry could run so the Dolan twins could fly. Ahead, 8 sets of cool twins that you definitely need to double tap.

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 1 Simi and Haze

The vibe: If Cher and Dionne were transported to the year 2240 and enrolled at Beverly Hills High School. And were twins.

The following: 897k

The basics: Meet DJ'ing sisters Simi and Haze. The duo graduated from USC but are better known for being best friends with Gigi Hadid and the Kardashian family. The Saudi-born Palestinian twins are also constantly jet-setting around the world wearing the latest internet-driven fashion trends, like the teeny tiny E-40 glasses they constantly sport on their joint Instagram feed.

2 Reese and Molly Blutstein

The vibe: Glossier, but make it fashun.

The following:
Molly at 78k and Reese at 253k

The basics: How does one stand out in the twinfluencer crowd? Be fraternal. The Atlanta-based bloggers are known for their thrifty vintage finds that have garnered them close to 500k followers combined.

3 The Combs Twins

The vibe: The 2019 Version of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

The following: 315.3k

The basics: Diddy and the late Kim Porter's adorable twins Jessie James and D'Lila Star are working on becoming the next big YouTube stars. From walking in runway shows to creating a holiday collection, the two are going to be household names in no time.

4 The O'Donnell Dolls

The vibe: Sweet Valley High: The Reboot

The following: 157k

The basics: Twins Daisey and Ellie O’Donnell began their career competing in beauty pageants. Now they live in Los Angeles and model/influence just like the majority of the city of Angels population. The duo is also set to launch a clothing line called Odolls collection.

5 The Clermont Twins

The vibe: The twins he told you not to worry about.

The following: 1.3M

The basics: The most controversial humans on the twin list. Shannon and Shannade Clermont originally got famous from the early aughts TV show Bad Girls Club. These days they can be seen posting scantily-clad selfies or in the latest Yeezy campaign. One of them is also going to jail for manslaughter. So there's that.

6 Amiaya

The vibe: Yayoi Kusama x 2

The following: 234k

The basics: You've probably seen twin sisters "Amiaya" on the fashion week circuit. Their pink hair and out-of-this-world fashion make them stand out in any crowd. The sisters got their start in the Japanese pop music scene but have been making more appearances in the U.S. lately.

7 Dolan Twins

The vibe: You know that hot guy in high school who said you guys could make out but you just couldn't tell anyone? Multiply that by two.

The following: 4.6M

The basics: Ethan and Grayson Dolan followed the great American dream meme. The duo got famous off Vine, then YouTube, and now have moved to full Instagram celebrities. They also count internet sensation Emma Chamberlain as a personal friend as she pops up in a number of their videos. (She's rumored to be dating Ethan.)

8 Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta

The vibe: The beginnings of a supermodel army

The following: 144.2k

The basics: These Swedish-born twins are models, bloggers, writers, and social media stars. They've collaborated with Drake and have appeared in campaigns for Nike, Calvin Klein, and H&M. They are known as Sweden's "It" girls.

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