Sully Gets New Gig As Walter Reed Facility Dog

Feb. 28, 2019 — Sully Bush, President George H.W. Bush’s service dog, has been assigned a new mission: helping to ease stress and lift the spirits of wounded veterans at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

In a ceremony livestreamed on Facebook, Sully was sworn in as a Navy hospital corpsman second class. Sully sat at attention through the oath, which charged him to “support, comfort, and cheer our warriors and their families, active duty and retired.”

Along with his new title, he received a new vest signifying his rank. He will be joining a team of six other service dogs at the facility.

Named for Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, the pilot known for safely landing US Airways flight 1549 in the Hudson River in 2009, Sully served President Bush for 6 months, until Bush’s passing in November.

Sully made headlines and warmed hearts in December when he kept watch over Bush’s casket. A photo of the moment went viral on Instagram.

11 Volumizing Shampoos Celebrity Hair Stylists Love

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With dry winter air comes flat hair. After sitting beneath a beanie and being beaten around by the wind for the past few months, your hair might be looking a little dull and lifeless right now. Thank goodness the beauty gods (okay, product developers) created volumizing shampoos. They give thin, flat, lifeless hair a shot of texture and thickness to make the hair appear healthier. Keep in mind one caveat, however: While volumizing shampoos add temporary life into hair, they can also contain ingredients that dry out your strands and overall deplete the health of your hair. That's why we consulted top celebrity hairstylists, including Ted Gibson, Glen Coco, Andrew Fitzsimons, Justine Marjan, and more for their best tips to get big, big hair.

View Gallery 11 Photos Goldwell Dualsenses Ultra Volume Bodifying Shampoo $16.94 SHOP NOW

Ted Gibson, whose hands have graced the heads of celebs like Anne Hathaway and Zoe Saldana, loves how versatile this shampoo is. He likes that it instantly gives hair a boost of volume, but also enhances shine, helps color from fading, and features rice protein to “further strengthen and nourish the hair fiber from roots to tips.”

Kerastase Bain Densité Shampoo $33.00 SHOP NOW

This salon favorite shampoo is also the go-to of celebrity hairstylist Glen Coco Oropeza, whose clients include Chrissy Teigen, Rita Ora, and Paris Hilton. He always recommends this shampoo to his clients who have fine hair, or hair that lacks volume and density. He likes that the hyaluronic acid in the formula keeps hair moisturized and plumps the hair fibers. Lastly, the formula also contains ceramides, which “help to strengthen the hair when you wash it.”

NatureLab. Tokyo – Perfect Volume for thicker, fuller hair: Vegan, sulfate and cruelty free, protects color- 11.5 fl. oz. (Shampoo & Conditioner Duo) $28.00 SHOP NOW

This shampoo is frequently used on celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons’ clients, who include the entirety of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, as well as Shay Mitchell and Hailey Bieber. “The biggest issue I see with a lot volumizing shampoos on the market is they can be strip the hair and essentially deplete your strands of moisture, which causes them to stand up more,” he says. What he loves about the NatureLab. shampoo is that it contains argan to nourish and moisturize the strands without any added weight.

Tresemmé Thick + Full Shampoo $3.99 SHOP NOW

Justine Marjan, who works on supermodels like Ashley Graham and Olivia Culpo, recommends the Tresemmé Thick + Full Shampoo, because it really works to plump up your strands as you work it into your hair in the shower. She also recommends only applying conditioner from mid-length to your ends so that you don’t lose any volume at your scalp.

Pantene Pro-V Full & Strong Body Building Shampoo $4.79 SHOP NOW

For Dimitris Giannetos, who has worked with pop stars like Britney Spears, Camila Cabello, and Meghan Trainor, he wants the hair to work as little as possible, which means avoiding the need for heat or styling products to create volume. He loves that the Pantene Pro-V Full & Strong Shampoo gives hair volume, even when it air dries, and you can’t beat the drugstore price. His pro tip? Wash your hair with this before you go to bed, towel dry it, and when you wake up, you’ll have your “dream hair.”

Less Is More Aloe Mint Volume Shampoo €20.83 SHOP NOW

If you’re looking for something organic and plant-based, according to editorial hairstylist Sabrina Szinay, there’s none better than the Less Is More Aloe Mint Volume shampoo. She loves the scent and consistency, but unfortunately they don’t sell it in the US. She definitely recommends picking it up when you find yourself in Europe.

Fekkai Full Blown Volume Shampoo $19.99 SHOP NOW

Szinay also recommends the Fekkai Full Blown Volume shampoo because she likes how mildly it rinses and the lifting effect it has on fine hair.

OGX Strength + Body Bamboo Fiber Full Shampoo $24.51 SHOP NOW

Jillian Halouska, whose celebrity clients include Claire Foy, Julia Garner, and Lili Reinhart, tells us to keep ingredients in mind. She recommends the OGX Bamboo Fiber Full Shampoo because it “contains soy proteins that penetrate into each strand creating strength,” and the bamboo fibers actively attach to your hair to create thickness and fullness.

IGK 30,000 Feet Volume Powder Spray $32.00 SHOP NOW

According to celeb hairstylist Cesar Ramirez, IGK’s 30,000 Feet shampoo is the one to beat. Ramirez, who has worked with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Demi Lovato, likes it because the formula is really lightweight and works for all hair types. It not only builds volume for a healthy-looking blowout, but it also detangles the hair and never weighs it down.

Suave Professionals Rose Oil Infusion Volumizing Shampoo $2.94 SHOP NOW

This volumizing shampoo from Suave contains fatty acids that can be found in rosehip oil, which help renew and heal hair follicles. Celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho, whose clients include Lucy Boynton, Amanda Seyfried, and Kristen Bell, loves using this on people who need extra help with thinning hair. She also adds that it smells lovely.

UKA Shampoo Nighty night $34.00 SHOP NOW

Cho also loves using this Japanese shampoo for flat, lifeless and dull hair. She adds that it gives bounce and softness to the hair, using 15 different amino acids for hair growth and health.

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The 11 Bath Bombs That Make Turning Myself Into A Wrinkle Monster Worth It

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Two telltale signs that you're living your best life are 1. Lines on your face from a nice nap and 2. Prune-y fingers from a long bath. As for the latter, if you want to make your bath so good you can't leave, I got you. Ahead, shop a definitive ranking of the best bath bombs from a bath obsessee whose skin is constantly full of water-induced wrinkles. Now, let yourself sink in.

View Gallery 11 Photos Rose Gold Bath Bomb English Rose Bath Bomb Fifi and Kiki's Bath Co $5.00 SHOP NOW

Rose and gold might be the two most luxurious colors on the planet. When you put the two together, in bath bomb form, you get a relaxing trip to an English garden from the comfort of your own home. This bomb looks and smells glorious. After a nice soak, you will be coming up roses.

Chamomile Flower Lush $6.95 SHOP NOW

Spring has sprung—at least in your tub. Ideal for sensitive skin, the Chamomile Flower bath bomb is calming and relaxing due to its gentle ingredients like orange flower absolute and chamomile powder. Lush also allows customers to write a secret message on the scroll in the ball's center. You're bath reading material is officially set.

De-Stress Shower Steamer Miss Patisserie $8.00 SHOP NOW

Standing room only. Taking a bath everyday can feel a bit extravagant or time consuming. For the days you just want to unwind in the shower but still de-stress and relax, grab a shower steamer. Miss Patisserie's Shower Steamer is packed with essential oils like juniper berry that will fill the entire bathroom with delicious aromas.

Luxe Relaxing Bath Bomb Ulta $6.50 SHOP NOW

Are you ready for the softest skin of your life? The Luxe Relaxing Bath Bomb is infused with coconut and almond milk that nourishes and hydrates your body while you relax. You'll leave the bath with your skin feeling like silk.

You Bath Bomb UR Bath & Body $6.00 SHOP NOW

Make your bath extra fun with this glittery, multi-colored foaming bomb. Lime, lemon, and orange blend to create the ultimate citrus party. Bonus: The proceeds of this bomb go to a really great cause, as they are handmade by women transitioning out of crisis situations.

Rose Gold Geode Bath Bomb Pearl Bath Bombs $14.97 SHOP NOW

Not only does this bath bomb look like a very cool geode, but each bomb comes with a 14k rose gold ring inside. Beautiful ring aside, each bath bomb is filled with hydrating Dead Sea salt and finished with gold luster dust to add a bit of sparkle to your skin.

Crème Brulee Honey Bath Laura Mercier $50.00 SHOP NOW

Laura Mercier Crème Brulee Honey Bath's formula was inspired by the aroma of a French pâtisserie. The luxurious ingredient combination includes warm caramel, spun sugar, and French vanilla bean. Prepare for a delicious soak.

Large Bath Fizzy in Flower Bubbles Weekends and Chocolate $8.00 SHOP NOW

Filled with eight moisturizing oils like avocado and coconut, Weekends and Chocolate's fizzy bath bomb will hydrate, soothe, and relax even the driest of winter skin. The bomb is handmade with the ability to break the fizzies apart for multiple uses from just one bomb.

Sex Bomb Lush $7.95 SHOP NOW

Rumored to be the bath bomb Harry Styles used for his 2017 album cover, the Lush Sex Bomb is a sultry, sexy, and romantic good time (just like Harry Styles). The bomb will turn your bath into a millennial pink love den that's just begging to be put on the 'gram.

Cleopatra’s Milk Bath Sapon $8.00 SHOP NOW

Cleopatra comin' atycha. This milky bath bomb includes shea butter, epsom salt, citric acid, and coconut oil to soothe the mind, body, and skin. Ideal for those looking to detoxify while achieving skin worthy of a royal.

Water Street Musee Bath Bomb in Rejuvenate in Lily of the Valley West Elm $12.00 SHOP NOW

Create the ultimate oasis in your bathroom. West Elm's Water Street Musee Bath Bombs transform your bath experience into a luxurious spa day thanks to mandarin, tangerine, lemon satsuma and ruby red grapefruit.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Know Their Baby’s Gender But Will Keep It Secret Until Birth

A tabloid report from Us Weekly circulated this week alleging that Meghan Markle "reportedly told pals" at her baby shower in New York City that she's having a boy, despite telling the public earlier she and Harry are keeping the baby's sex a surprise. Other publications speculated that actually, Meghan and Harry are having a girl, in part because of the pink decorations at Meghan's baby shower and bets bookies have gotten. But any public gender reveal has a 50/50 shot of being right. Harry and Meghan won't be confirming the baby's gender to the public or press until after their child is born, like most royals have done. understands from sources close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that Harry and Meghan have found out the sex of their newborn, but the couple has elected to keep it a surprise from the public. There's royal precedent behind this decision: Royal moms-to-be have historically never revealed the baby’s sex in advance of the child's birth. Kate Middleton and Prince William did not during all three of their pregnancies.

Meghan and Harry would have had the option to find out the sex of the baby, and with the technology available today, they could've even seen their baby with 3D scans. But publicly, the two have taken steps to keep what they do know under wraps.

Meghan's baby shower in New York City was gender neutral, despite buzz on social media that somehow the decorations or gift bags hinted the baby's gender. Five-star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten created treats in gender neutral tones. Meghan's makeup artist Daniel Martin shared a glimpse of one:

Cookies shaped in baby buggies and storks were covered with white icing, while elaborate macaron towers from Ladurée were featured in green, pink, and brown. Pink peonies (Meghan's favorites) and baby pink rose blooms were seen arriving at the intimate baby shower that Serena Williams hosted inside the Mark Hotel on the Upper East Side. But as a royal insider told earlier, Williams deliberately brought together all of Meghan's favorite things for the shower (so the pink more likely reflected that than a gender reveal.)

“Serena had made sure all the little things she liked were there: her favorite foods, flowers and music. Everything was so thoughtful and tastefully done," the source said.

Gifts that guests brought did not have a distinct color palette. Gayle King arrived with a gift with multicolored stripes and polka dots. One of Meghan’s close friends brought a gift wrapped in a pink bow. Other guests arrived with a blue wrapping theme like Abigail Spencer. Misha Nonoo, Meghan's designer friend who Meghan stayed with during the first days of her New York City trip, wrapped her presents in neutral tones.

Gayle King with the gift she carried.
Misha Nonoo with the gift she carried.

At royal engagements, Harry and Meghan have repeatedly told crowds that they are keeping their child's gender a surprise. When the two first announced their pregnancy in Sydney, Harry hinted that he hoped the baby would be a girl. When a well-wisher at the Invictus Games cycling event yelled, “I hope it’s a girl!” Harry replied, “So do I," while walking.

In his first public remarks about the baby on his royal tour of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga, Harry expressed his and Meghan's joy regardless of their baby's gender. "Thank you for the incredibly warm welcome and the chance to meet so many Aussies from all walks of life…we also genuinely couldn't think of a better place to announce the…upcoming baby, whether it be a boy or a girl," he said. "So thank you very, very much."

Meghan told public greeters in Birkenhead last month that they want the gender to be a "surprise." At the Endeavour Fund Awards this month, she echoed that sentiment to a guest there. She was overheard telling them, of the baby's gender, “We don’t know. Yes, we decided to keep it a secret.”

How The Magicians Uses Magic to Tell Stories About Trauma

“Magic doesn’t come from talent. It comes from pain.” This is one of the first things we learn about the world of The Magicians, Syfy’s fantasy drama about a group of students attending Brakebills, a university of magic that functions like a horny Hogwarts on acid. Coming from Eliot (Hale Appelman), a student who keeps his own pain well hidden behind laconic wit and party-boy confidence, the line doubles as a mission statement for the show, which over four years has snowballed from cult oddity into a buzzy, quietly pioneering gem with a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score. The idea that magic is not a cure for pain, but the direct result of it, is key to understanding what sets The Magicians apart. Though this central metaphor, the show unpacks dark subjects—mental illness, trauma, the fallout from sexual violence—with a depth that is rare on television, and almost unheard of in this genre.

The Magicians, Season 1 $22.99 SHOP NOW

As the show begins, our square-jawed Chosen One protagonist Quentin (Jason Ralph) is a psychiatric patient, thrilled to discover that there exists a hidden mythical world in which he has a purpose and a sense of belonging. But in contrast to the narrative you expect, magic isn’t an escape, and enrolling at Brakebills does not cure Quentin’s depression. The bonds he forms with his fellow students, in particular Eliot and one-time love interest Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) help, but his underlying illness remains, and recurs. “The simple idea that depression isn’t solved by getting a girlfriend, or by having a good day, is in itself pretty rare in entertainment,” Ralph tells on the show’s Vancouver set, midway through filming on the fourth season. “It’s not something you can just shake off. In some ways that’s what the whole show is about, or at least Quentin’s journey: You have this guy who ends up getting everything he could ever want, and becomes the king of his own world sitting up on that throne, and he’s still depressed.”

Jason Ralph (Quentin) and Stella Maeve (Julia) in The Magicians

While the breakneck pace of The Magicians doesn’t allow much time for Quentin to spend days in bed or struggle to function, the show finds other ways to mirror the cruel patterns of depression. Last season, a cursed key conjured Quentin’s shadow self, a doppelgänger that follows him around and taunts him with reminders of his own failures and inadequacies, almost driving him to suicide. The current season finds him on an upswing, if only because he’s preoccupied by trying to save Eliot from the demon possessing his body. “In season 4, we’re in the lucky position of asking, ‘And then what?’” says showrunner Sera Gamble. “We’ve been through a couple of iterations of depression and suicidal thoughts with Quentin, and now we get to ask what comes next, and experience the cyclical nature of it.”

Running in parallel to Quentin’s journey is that of his childhood best friend Julia (Stella Maeve), whose rejection from Brakebills sets her on a treacherous alternative path in pursuit of magic. In the finale of the first season, she is violently raped by a trickster god in a disturbing scene that initially seemed to risk indulging some of television’s worst impulses. Sexual violence against women has historically been used often as a plot device or a motivating event for a male character, with little or no effort made to explore its psychological impact on the victim. But Julia’s rape propels her arc into season 2 and beyond, and it fundamentally changes her both for the worse and for the better, in ways that are all the more nuanced for being heightened and magical. In the aftermath of her rape Julia loses her “shade” (the show’s term for something like the soul, meaning a person’s ability to process emotions and feel compassion); a season later, after choosing to spare the life of the god that raped her, she herself becomes a goddess. As heightened as these moments are, they’re also powerful symbols for two kinds of survivor experience: feeling emotionally numbed by an attack, and finding previously untapped strength in the wake of it.

For Maeve, the most important stage of Julia’s journey has come in the current season, in which her love life comes into play for the first time since the assault. “For so long, Julia's been this asexual character,” she notes. “After the trauma that happened, we don't get to explore her sexuality at all, she just doesn't have any romantic interest, and that's not reality. I've been through, and many people have been through, traumas, been victimized, and that doesn't mean that we still can't love, or be physical or intimate or sexual. You can't strip that away from someone.” In her first intimate (though chaste) scene with Penny (Arjun Gupta), Julia gently chides him for being reluctant to touch her. “You know I’m not broken, right?” she tells him. “I’m not a flower or a delicate piece of glass. I’m a person. And people heal.”

When I bring this up with Gamble, her passion on the subject is clear. “So often, if you have a character who’s been assaulted, it’s like, ‘Well, we have to be very careful, because certainly no woman who’s ever been raped ever has sex again in her life and enjoys it! That never happens.’” She pauses. “This is dangerous territory to talk about, because I’m so furious this week.” And with good reason. Gamble and I are speaking in September of 2018, during the week of Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation hearing, as Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony sparked an outpouring of support from sexual assault victims, many of whom also shared their own stories. Gamble spent a lot of time that week reading the stories of survivors, and the shadow of that real-world event crystallized our conversation about Julia. “We now get to do something I don’t see very much on TV, which is look at how a person goes on to have an interesting, complicated life that includes the trauma, but isn’t defined by the trauma.” Julia’s journey, as fantastical as it is, depicts the idea that trauma can spark transformation.

The show’s interest in psychology has never been clearer than in season 4's most recent episode, which played out like a high-concept therapy session: Eliot, presumed dead by his friends after being possessed by The Monster, is alive but locked in his own head. His only hope of regaining control of his body is to find a secret door, which is (of course) hidden somewhere in his darkest, most traumatic and shameful memories. Though Eliot has no shortage of options—from the bully he accidentally killed to the homophobic father he left behind—his most painful memory turns out to be a previously unseen moment in which he rejected Quentin, who wanted to pursue a relationship with him. “I was afraid, and when I’m afraid, I run away,” he admits, apologizing to his memory of Quentin with a kiss—and with that, the door opens. In The Magicians, magic isn’t an escape, but human connection is.

“Our show is, at its core, about outcasts who feel fortunate to have even met each other and to have found their tribe,” Gamble says. “I feel a little bit of that vibe from the fandom that’s grown around the show.” Intense fandom has the potential to turn toxic, and while Gamble has experience of that from past projects, she’s seen the opposite as The Magicians’ devoted following has grown. “There’s a ton of respect and interest in each other, and there's support for one another's mental health. If you’re relating to a show like this, you might be coming in on the ground floor relating to the idea of being a black sheep, and I think that’s part of why.” An understanding of psychic pain is woven into the DNA of the series; author Lev Grossman has openly acknowledged that the original book series was inspired by his own depression. “I don't know that it's possible to get a room full of writers together who don't have some personal experience with mental health troubles,” Gamble says. “That’s part of why we write fiction. It’s a safe way for us to talk about stuff that's really emotional for us. That’s where the show lives.”

The Magicians screens Wednesdays at 9 P.M. on Syfy.

Who is Ben Simmons? Meet Kendall Jenner’s NBA-Player Boyfriend

After a whirlwind romance and not one but two love triangles, Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner are apparently ready to DTR. The pair have reportedly become very serious and have spent large amounts of time together in recent months. Earlier this week, Us Weekly reported that the couple is as happy as can be and are "enjoying their relationship and love spending as much time as possible together."

So who is the talented basketball star that stole Jenner's heart? Here, a guide to everything you need to know about Kendall Jenner's boyfriend, Ben Simmons.

Simmons is from Australia.

Benjamin David Simmons was born on July 20, 1996 in Melbourne, Australia to Dave and Julie Simmons. His mother is native to Australia, while his father is American by way of New York City. Dave and Julie married in 1994 and had Ben and his sister Olivia, shortly after. Ben has four step-siblings from his mother's pervious marriage.

Simmons inherited the basketball gene from his father.

In the 1980s, Ben's father Dave played college basketball at Oklahoma City University, and he coached for several Australian National Basketball League teams. When Ben was a sophomore in high school, he moved to Florida and began to play basketball at Montverde High School. By his junior year, he signed a letter of intent that he would play basketball at Louisiana State University. In 2015, he was named the number one player of his class by ESPN. After a year of college, he decided to forgo his university education to prepare himself for the 2016 NBA Draft and was later chosen to play for the Philadelphia 76ers. Since his draft, Ben has maintained a successful career with the 76ers. He was named 2018 Rookie of the year and was ranked the number 18 overall player in the basketball league.

Simmons was previously linked to Tinashe.

Simmons and singer-songwriter Tinashe were rumored to be dating as early as November 2017. Things started officially heating up between the two around March 2018 when they started interacting with each other on Instagram.

On March 6, Tinashe posted a sultry picture of her in a form-fitting bodysuit with the caption, "Where's bae?" Simmons decided to slide into the comments section and shoot his shot with the singer, replying "Charlotte."

At the time of the comment, Simmons was in Charlotte, North Carolina playing a game with the 76ers. Two days later, TMZ paparazzi caught up with the singer and asked her about the flirty Instagram comments, to which she replied: "That's my little boo thang!"

On March 22, the couple went Instagram official with Tinashe posting two photos of the two them hugging and looking happy with each other. The two remained together through April.

Simmons became linked to Jenner in May 2018.

On May 29, 2018, Page Six reported that Simmons and Jenner were spotted out having a lunch date at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and were seen the week before at Vandal in Manhattan. A witness told the publication that “Security measures seemed to have been taken to ensure Kendall and Ben enjoyed their night hassle free….They were smiling the night away with their friends.”

Five days later on June 3, Jenner and Simmons were spotted riding bikes together in West Hollywood on another date. Just a day later, Jenner was seen kissing Anwar Hadid, Gigi and Bella Hadid's 18-year-old brother, at Socialista New York. According to a People source, Jenner wanted to play the field and stay single. “Kendall is having fun. She doesn’t want a serious relationship and is just enjoying being single. She feels that whenever she has been serious about guys in the past, it’s kind of a mess and doesn’t work out. She invested time in the relationship with Blake Griffin. She isn’t planning on doing the same right now,” the source said.

Jenner eventually ditched Anwar to continue hanging out with Simmons, going on lowkey shopping dates for groceries and clothes at Barney's. Later, on June 27, Simmons and Jenner went very public with their PDA with a gas station visit where Jenner was spotted kissing Simmons from inside a car. The same day, TMZ also reported via multiple sources that the pair was living with each other in a $25,000-a-month rental house in Los Angeles.

Drama began to develop between Simmons, Jenner and Tinashe in July.

On Independence Day, Simmons and Jenner went to Khloe Kardashian's holiday party and were seen cuddling together.

Two days later, the couple went to spend time at a night club in West Hollywood where they seen leaving early. Tinashe was spotted leaving the same club and was approached by TMZ at her car. When asked if she saw Simmons and Jenner, she said "I did [see them inside]. He's texting me. What the hell? What's he doing?! What an idiot!" The next day, sources close to Simmons said that the singer confessed that she lied about the texts when he called her out on it and later apologized. Since the incident, rumors circulated that Tinashe was stalking Simmons and Jenner, and that the couple made plans to increase their security as a result.

The heightened attention on their relationship made Jenner uncomfortable, People reported. "She honestly doesn’t want people talking about who she’s dating and is very protective of her personal life,” a source close to Jenner told the outlet. “She hates the attention and it’s been annoying that the drama with Tinashe has come up.”

Simmons and Jenner called off their relationship in August.

After Simmons and Jenner spent a birthday together in July and went away to Mexico for a couple's vacation in early August, the couple decided to call their relationship quits.

“Kendall and Ben’s relationship is fizzling and dissipating due to scheduling conflicts,” a source told Us Weekly. “Kendall is so busy and has so much going on and doesn’t want to wait around for anyone."

E! told a different version of the story, stating that Jenner was not truly committed to Simmons. "She always wanted to keep her options open. She likes Ben, but she knew it was more of a summer fling." Jenner proceeded to have another brief fling with Anwar Hadid during fashion month.

Simmons and Jenner got back together in November 2018.

The day after Thanksgiving, Jenner was spotted courtside cheering Simmons on in his game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. She was also spotted booing Tristan Thompson's team, which raised a few eyebrows.

Khloe Kardashian defended and explained Jenner's actions, stating that Jenner was "watching HER man play against my man," fueling rumors that the two are officially back together.

Less than a week later on December 2, Jenner was spotted at another one of Simmons' games, this time looking friendly with his mother.

Jenner publicly confirmed her and Simmons' relationship in February 2019.

While making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, DeGeneres took the opportunity to ask Jenner what the status of her and Simmons relationship is.

"Obviously you're dating this guy, right?" DeGeneres asked Jenner in the interview segment of the show. "I don't know him but he seems sweet by that picture…How long have you been dating him?"

"For a bit now," Kendall simply responded, putting the speculation surrounding their relationship to rest.

Two weeks after Jenner's Ellen appearance, Us Weekly reported that things are getting very serious between the couple and claims that they're "very into each other." The two have had more public outings as of late, and though "they're not serious to the point where they'd get engaged any time soon," they are "enjoying their relationship and love spending as much time as possible together."

High-Fiber Diet May Help Your Gut Battle Melanoma

By Serena Gordon

HealthDay Reporter

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 27, 2019 (HealthDay News) — A healthy diet may trigger a better response to a certain kind of melanoma treatment.


New research suggests that a diet that's full of fiber appears to lead to more diverse intestinal bacteria (microbiome). In turn, a thriving gut microbiome is linked to a stronger response to an immune therapy for the aggressive skin cancer.

"We found that patients eating a high-fiber diet at the start of therapy were about five times more likely to respond to the anti-PD-1 immunotherapy," said study author Christine Spencer. She's a research scientist with the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy in San Francisco.

Anti-PD-1 immunotherapy helps the immune system recognize cancer cells as dangerous cells that need to be destroyed, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS). The cancer drugs Keytruda and Opdivo are examples of this type of immunotherapy.

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer. It only accounts for about 1 percent of all skin cancers, but is responsible for most skin cancer deaths, the ACS says.

Several recent studies have suggested that a healthy and diverse gut microbiome might improve the response to melanoma immunotherapy treatments, the researchers said. What wasn't known was how certain diets might improve the microbiome and boost the response to melanoma treatment.

To see what difference diet might make, the researchers collected fecal samples from more than 100 people being treated for melanoma at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston. With these samples, the researchers could learn what types of bacteria people had in their gut microbiome, as well as how diverse the bacteria in the microbiome were.

The investigators then compared these findings to a previously completed diet/supplement survey to see what type of diet was linked to a more robust gut microbiome.

The findings showed that a high-fiber diet — one full of vegetables, fruits and whole grains — was associated with the types of bacteria that had already been linked to a better response to anti-PD-1 therapy.

The researchers also noted that about 40 percent of the people in the study were taking a probiotic supplement. Probiotics contain live bacteria believed to be helpful to maintaining the balance of the microbiome. However, the researchers found that probiotic use was actually linked to lower diversity of the gut microbiome.


And, a lower diversity of the microbiome has been linked to a poorer response to melanoma immunotherapy, the researchers noted.

The study team also looked at a group of almost 50 patients who had complete information on diet and gut microbiome, and found that those on a high-fiber diet were about five times more likely to respond to anti-PD-1 treatment than people eating a low-fiber diet.

Dr. Marcel van den Brink, head of the division of hematologic malignancies at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, said, "This study found a high-fiber diet would lead to better diversity in the gut flora, and greater diversity gave you better outcomes," at least for anti-PD-1 immunotherapy.

"In clinical medicine, we do a great job of monitoring a lot of parameters. But when it comes to monitoring what people eat and effects of diet, we're doing a lousy job," he added.

"Patients and family members ask about diet, and we say, 'Just eat healthy,' and we don't have much more specific guidelines," van den Brink explained.

"So, these types of studies are intriguing. Diet may work in a collaborative way with immune therapy. But, we're not there yet. This was a small study. The research is early," he noted.

Still, van den Brink said that he suspected — from this study and others, including his own research on the microbiome in blood cancers — that the gut microbiome likely influences the immune system throughout the body, and he thinks the microbiome "will be relevant for most, if not all, immune therapies in cancer."

Spencer said hers was the first study on diet and melanoma immunotherapy. She agreed more research is needed before doctors can make specific recommendations on diet.

The findings were scheduled for presentation at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting, in Atlanta, March 29 to April 3. Research presented at meetings should be viewed as preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Maison Margiela Finds Beauty in Restraint

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In 1964 writer Marshall McLuhan famously coined the phrase, "The medium is the message." By that, he meant that the medium can imbue as much meaning as the content delivered through that medium. The famous phrase can be applied to John Galliano's fall 2019 collection that was shown today in Paris. The clothing, presented on a plain white runway set to the soundtrack of Swan Lake, focused on odd shapes and eye-catching silhouettes, but in neutral colors like black, putty, khaki, and grey. Edited down to just over 40 looks (most shows we've seen thus far feature close upwards of 100), Galliano employed quirky tailoring techniques on pieces that tricked the eye into thinking it was one thing (are those pants buttoned around the model's neck?) but in the end were actually another (oh, that's a dress!). Still, it was a restrained collection for these wild times, so what could Galliano be trying to communicate through his choice medium? Maybe, the one-time king of theatrics and hedonism is over the the world's self-indulgent ways and wants to create long-lasting products that challenge conventions. Or maybe I'm just reading too much into things? Either way, the collection is sure to be a hit with his Gen Z fans who use their wardrobe as armor.

View Gallery 41 Photos image image image Maison Margiela Fall 2018 Skip Ad Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Maison Margiela Fall/Winter 2017 Masion Margiela Spring-Summer Couture 2017 Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Maison Margiela Spring/Summer 2017 All the Looks From the Maison Margiela Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear Show Maison Margiela Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2014 RTW Video Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2014 RTW Video Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2013 Couture Video Maison Martin Margiela Maison Martin Margiela

The Best Eyelash Glue According to Desi Perkins, Jackie Aina and More Beauty Influencers

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Nothing transforms your face like putting on a set of false eyelashes. While they add instant glamour, they can be tricky to apply. One thing you need to get right from the start is having reliable eyelash glue. Anybody who's worn falsies knows the dread of realizing they're peeling off your lids in the middle of the day. You haven't known embarrassment until you've had to excuse yourself mid-dinner date then emerged from the ladies' room with bald eyes because one of your strips wasn't cooperating. Luckily you won't have to worry about that with these top picks we scoured from YouTube's finest beauty vloggers (who practically wear false lashes for a living). Shop them, ahead.

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Kiss Lash Couture Lash Adhesive in Black $5.99 SHOP NOW

Jackie Aina says she's a fan of this latex-free glue because other glues she's used in the past have made her eyes itch. In a video, she continues, "This is the blackest lash adhesive I've ever come across, usually the other ones are a dark grey but this almost looks like a black liner." You won't have to worry about glue being obvious over your eye makeup.

House of Lashes Lash Adhesive $8.00 SHOP NOW

Desi Perkins is a fan of this glue formula from House of Lashes. On YouTube, she demonstrates applying a small dollop of glue to a piece of cardboard while customizing her strip falsies with individuals, "I like the glue to get a little bit tacky because it sticks easier to the individual lashes," she says.

Ardell Lash Grip Dark Adhesive For Strip Lashes $2.99 SHOP NOW

Ardell LashGrip is a favorite of Nikkia Joy, who says it works for her sensitive eyes. "Dark glues are really good if you've got really thick liners and don't want to see any glue over the top," she explains in her how-to.

Ardell Duo Lash Adhesive Clear $6.49 SHOP NOW

NikkieTutorials swears by this classic drugstore favorite. In a tutorial she divulges one of her tips: "My little trick is before you do mascara…Just give it time to become tacky."

Duo Brush-On Adhesive in Black $9.00 SHOP NOW

Celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge (who also has a wildly popular YouTube channel) also loves Duo, and suggested both the clear and black formulas. "I like this brand just because it is surgical glue and it is great for sensitive eyes and I obviously work with lots of different people. It's waterproof and I find that it stays on very, very well," she says in a video. If you're not a fan of the tube, the glue comes in a version with a brush applicator, too.

Salon Pro 30 Second Hair Bond Glue $6.89 SHOP NOW

When it comes to falsies, there's no better expert than a drag queen. RuPaul's Drag Race alum Eureka reveals in a video that she uses a wig-bonding glue(!) instead of typical eyelash glue for a strong hold. She applies it by using the end of a tweezer to coat the strip. If it can handle her performances through sweating under hot lights, it can handle anything.

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Moody Florals For the Win at Dries Van Noten

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It was a dark scene at the Dries van Noten fall 2019 show. Presented in the concrete basement of the Palais de Tokyo, the show opened with a somber gray pinstripe suit. Draped over the model's arm was a matching puffer stole—or perhaps a security blanket? Van Noten did note he was going for a feeling of melancholy this season.

A series of gray closet staples followed after, giving way to a floral print section inspired by roses that lived during the fall in van Noten’s personal garden. Not the bright and poppy kind, but rather dark and dying florals set against lavender, sea foam green, and pastel yellow fabrics. Later, more vivid colors were introduced—a Sunkist orange faux fur chubby and royal purple padded coat—but when anchored by more sober pieces in the collection, it worked.

And that’s how van Noten thrives: providing women with aspirational, yet wearable pieces that fit into every part of her life. From suits for day to gowns for evening, the Dries woman is always set.

View Gallery 65 Photos image image image Oops, Dries Did It Again Skip Ad Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Dries van Noten Fall 2018 Dries Van Noten Spring Summer 2018 Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Dries Van Noten Fall/Winter 2017 Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2017 All the Looks From the Dries Van Noten Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear Show Dries Van Noten Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection Dries van Noten Dries van Noten Dries van Noten Dries van Noten